Post-Divorce Services

Post DivorceAt Family Divorce Resource we understand that family constellations may change over time and following a divorce parents may find themselves in new relationships.  We offer services to help parents through the process of introducing a new partner to their children and remarriages.

We work with family members to blend families successfully. We also work with families to develop and maintain healthy relationships with step-parents and step-siblings.

We look at separation and divorce as an ongoing process that involves transitions and challenges that occur long after the divorce is finalized.

We find that parents and children go through many adjustments post-divorce. While a well developed parenting plan is a great start, evolving access plans based on a child’s developmental needs is an ongoing process. Post-divorce, children also often have to deal with the adjustment to a new residence, new schools, new neighborhoods, and friends. Parents start dating and sensitive subjects such as when and how to introduce new partners is often a concern.

As time goes on the blending of families with step-parents, step and new half-siblings are another transition.

Family Divorce Resource has services that are specifically designed to deal with all of these post-divorce transitions. Our parenting plans recognize the frequent need for the parents to return at particular intervals to update access and deal with other family events and transitions. We often see children for follow-up to monitor and help their adjustment process post-divorce.

Co-parent counseling is a service designed to deal with child related issues that come up during and after the divorce process.  Parents feel a sense of reassurance knowing that they are co-parenting in a proactive manner addressing the children’s needs as they come up. Sometimes individual counseling during or after the divorce helps a parent stay on track as well as address their own individual issues that have come up during or after the divorce.

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