Counseling & Education Services

Counseling & Education ServicesAt Baltimore, Maryland-based Family Divorce Resource, we help individuals, couples, parents and kids learn skills to manage the strong emotions that inevitably accompany separation and divorce. Keeping children out of the middle of parental conflict and decision-making is critical to their adjustment.

We teach skills to improve communication for long-term family success and we provide a voice for children in the process.


Raising children is a difficult task under the best of circumstances. When couples are undergoing the stress of separation and divorce dealing with children’s concerns as well as their own can be overwhelming. We provide a wide range of services to help families navigate through the difficult transition of separation and divorce, assessing each family and developing a customized plan designed to meet your family’s needs.

  1. Co-Parent Counseling & Divorce Education Programs for Parents & Children
    • Educating parents about what & when to tell the kids
    • Fostering a constructive relationship for the benefit of your children
    • Teaching valuable communication & problem solving skills
    • Learning skills to manage difficult emotions and protect children from parental conflict
  2. Counseling for Children in Transition
    • Individual counseling to provide children with one on one counseling to meet their individual needs
    • Group counseling with other children to decrease sense of isolation and facilitate acceptance of this stressful life event through the development of new skills
    • Parent Feedback may be provided so that parents can gain a clearer sense of their child’s individual struggles leading to more child-centered decisions
  3. Parent Coordination
    We work to assist parents in:

    • Managing conflict & improving communication
    • Implementing Parenting Plans
    • Clarifying existing parenting plans, refining language to diminish the likelihood of conflict
    • Assisting parents with making child-centered decisions

Divorce Education Program

At Family Divorce Resource we are trained and experienced co-parenting specialists with extensive education in the fields of Psychology and Social Work, as well as extensive training in the areas of Separation and Divorce. We are Psychotherapists, Mediators and Collaborative Divorce Coaches and Child Specialists serving clients in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding Counties.

We have created a Divorce Education program that is designed to provide support for kids who are experiencing separation and divorce and may not be able to easily talk about their feelings as they are going through this major life change.

Parents, often overwhelmed by their own feelings of hurt, loss, sadness and anger may be unable to provide all of the emotional or psychological support their children need at this time. We can help you help your children through this challenging transition.

The Program

With our backgrounds in child psychology and specializations in separation and divorce we understand that children of all ages cope differently with this stressful event and need a place to share their experiences and hear about others to decrease their sense of sadness and isolation. We have created a multi-session program in which we identify and learn how your children are coping, and share our feedback:

  1. 1
    It’s Good to Share Your Feelings

    Topics covered may include, but are not limited to:

    • Parental Conflict
      • What happens in your family?
      • How do you cope with the conflict?
      • What works and what doesn’t?
      • How do you take care of yourself?
    • Divided Loyalties – feeling stuck in the middle
      • What makes you feel “stuck in the middle”?
      • Activity: Drawings/Collective Letter
      • Draw your family now
      • We hate… We love…We want…
  2. 2
    Divorce is the End of Some Things & a Time for New Beginnings

    Topics covered may include, but are not limited to:

    • Dealing with 2 households
    • Relationships with each parent
    • New parental partners
    • Blended family issues
    • Activity to facilitate self expression
  3. 3
    Sharing Our Findings

    Discussion with parents:

    • Overview of kids program
    • Feedback from the kids program
    • Helping parents to understand their children’s concerns and how they are being impacted by the events in the family

Goals for Kids Program

  • To decrease isolation and loneliness
  • To improve understanding and impact of parental conflict
  • To develop coping strategies
  • To develop communication skills for various problems including parental conflict, access, transitions, changes to family dynamics
  • To facilitate adjustment to the divorce process
  • To cope with challenging issues like loyalty, shame, fear

Goals for the Parent’s Program

  • To offer guidance and psycho-education for parenting issues related to or impacted by divorce
  • To understand the short and long term impact of divorce on kids at various ages
  • To understand the negative impact of parental conflict on kids
  • To enhance co-parenting skills
  • To address parental concerns such as access, being a single parent, dating, remarriage
  • To provide feedback from their children

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  • The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute
  • The Collaborative Way to Divorce by Stu Webb and Ron Ousky
  • Mom’s House Dad’s House by Isolina Ricci
  • Collaborative Divorce by Pauline Tesler and Peggy Thompson
  • What to Tell Your Kids About Your Divorce by Darlene Weyburne
  • The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with the emotions so you and your children can thrive by Robert E. Emery, PhD

Post-Divorce Education & Counseling

Our support services extend into supporting the transitions that are a part of life after divorce. We can:

  • Assist parents with the introduction of new significant others
  • Facilitate the integration of blended families

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