Collaborative Divorce Services

Collaborative DivorceCollaborative Practice is a form of dispute resolution designed to help a divorcing couple achieve a positive resolution that minimizes negative economic, social and emotional consequences a family often experiences during a traditional adversarial divorce process.

In order to accomplish this goal, three independent disciplines—attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists—work as a team to integrate the legal, emotional and financial aspects of divorce.

Our role within this interdisciplinary team is divorce coach or child specialist for couples divorcing in Maryland.

What is collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce refers to the process in which the divorcing couple works with a team of professionals that may include:

  • Divorce Coach
  • Attorney
  • Child Specialist
  • Financial Specialists (such as accountants, financial advisors and business valuators)
  • Realtors, Estate Planners, Insurance Specialists, and more, as needed

In a collaborative divorce, the team works to navigate the separation and divorce in a healthy, non-adversarial way so that the couple can maintain their integrity through direct discussion and cooperation.

In a collaborative divorce, couples and professionals sign a participation agreement committing to resolve all matters in a transparent and respectful way. This agreement, unique to collaborative divorce, ensures a high level of commitment to help the couple achieve a mutually acceptable and durable agreement without going to court. In fact, this Participation Agreement further states that if the case is not settled within the collaborative process, professionals must withdraw from the case. This ensures everyone is motivated to reach consensus without litigation.

Benefits of Engaging Family Divorce Resource in Your Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a highly a customized experience. In our role as therapists or coaches, we work with the couple to:

  • Identify and prioritize each person’s concerns
  • Hone conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Develop co-parenting skills
  • Work collaboratively with the couple, their attorneys and other professionals to enhance communication and reduce misunderstandings
  • Direct their best efforts toward a collaborative resolution
  • Protect children from the inevitable conflict so that their self-esteem and security is safe guarded
  • Develop a healthier relationship with a co-parent, which benefits children and the individual parents by reducing stress
  • Create an environment in which parents can share in their children’s milestones
  • Improve parents’ understanding of children’s needs now and in the future
  • Decrease the use of the courts to resolve parenting disputes

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