108316519We are Amy Mazer, LCSW-C and Scott Holzman, PhD, and we specialize in helping families through the process of divorce using non-adversarial services that include:

  • Counseling for Kids, Parents, Couples, Individuals
  • Mediation / Co-mediation
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Parenting Plan Development
  • Co-parent Counseling
  • Parent Coordination

Family Divorce Resource is a strategic partnership based in Baltimore, Maryland and built on our separate practices. Together we are able to deliver a more comprehensive resource designed to support the needs of the whole family.

  1. Maryland’s Comprehensive Divorce Resource
    At Family Divorce Resource, we are able to help individuals and families with all aspects of working through a separation and divorce, as well as family transitions and issues that may occur with dating, remarriages and blended families.

    We can help you to learn how to:

    • Cope with the losses associated with separation and divorce
    • Talk with your partner about your decision to separate and/or divorce
    • Talk to your children about your decision to separate and/or divorce
    • Manage conflict and improve communication
    • Manage difficult emotions
    • Introduce significant others post-separation/divorce
    • Integrate blended families

    We can help you and your spouse:

    • Discuss and reach agreement on child access schedules
    • Work together to create a customized Parenting Plan which addresses education, extracurricular activities, holidays, vacations, health, communication and dealing with decision-making and impasse which will become a part of your Divorce Decree
    • Assist parents in implementing Parenting Plans
    • Foster a constructive co-parenting relationship for the benefit of your children
    • Address and resolve an impasse on child-related or other areas of conflict in your divorce
  2. Whole Family Support Solution
    When it comes to separation and divorce, there’s the frequently a great deal of emotional intensity that accompanies the settlement process. Families can benefit from an approach to counseling, mediation and collaborative divorce offered by pairing Amy and Scott. Together they can do so much more to help the whole family.

    The “paired” approach is particularly helpful in high-conflict situations requiring moderation. Amy and Scott are trained to deal with emotional conflict, which represents a large part of a potentially or actively contentious divorce.

    Services include:

    • A psycho-educational component which adds depth to parents’ understanding of the children’s needs which will increase the likelihood of cooperation from both parents to make child-centered decisions
    • Interface with Attorneys and attendance at Attorney-Client meetings, as needed, to help with communication and emotional management
    • Work with Attorney/Mediators to provide full mediation of all matters, financial and child-related
  3. Child-centered Support
    When children are involved in a couple’s separation and divorce, it is never too soon to address the emotional process and impact on the kids. Our work starts at the beginning—what do you tell your children and when? We can help you with this. We can help you find healthy, non-adversarial ways to separate and help you try to prevent missteps that may create additional stress for children and adults.

    We provide a range of child-inclusive family divorce services, giving you the opportunity to integrate your kids’ feedback and capture their perspectives in the process—a support service that attorneys alone don’t offer.

    We can meet with children in a private session at our Baltimore-Lutherville or Columbia, Maryland office to gain an understanding of the challenges from their perspective and share what we learn with the parents in an effort to guide discussions and child-centered decisions. Depending on your needs and situation, we can offer:

    • Continuity – The professional working with parents also meets with the children, and then provides feedback to the parents
    • Neutrality – One professional works with parents and a different professional meets with children, and provides feedback to the parents
  4. Customized Parenting Plans
    With our backgrounds in psychology and child development, we bring an understanding of the changing developmental needs of children as they grow and develop.

    Our parenting plans are dynamic in that they evolve and build in follow-up visits that help facilitate changes and adjustments as indicated.

    We are able to provide a more comprehensive Parenting Plan than what would come out of a traditional divorce. Our Parenting Plans are customized to meet the individual needs of Maryland families and children rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Meet Scott Holzman, PhD

Scott is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 15 years of experience.
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Meet Amy Mazer, LCSW-C

Amy has provided effective, goal-oriented individual, couples and family therapy since 1981.
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Clients in Maryland choose Family Divorce Resource to engage in customized, non-adversarial approaches to separation and divorce that may include mediation, collaborative divorce, co-parenting planning, parent coordination and related counseling services—all designed to facilitate a more respectful and cooperative child-centered process and outcome.

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